Episode 112 – Why Word of Mouth Marketing Will Sell More Books [Research]

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In this episode of the podcast, Chris reviews the 2018 Word of Mouth Marketing Report from Convince and Convert Consulting and how it can help authors sell more books.

Show Notes & Links

– 66% of people start a purchase decision with an online search.

– How many people search retail sites like Amazon for books?

-Why book reviews are so important and why your ARC team needs to know the procedure for books they do not like.

– Social Proof and why young readers will buy based on a second hand recommendation.

-Why social media is only the vehicle to connection, not the magic bullet.

-People value word of mouth from friends and family 41% more than social media.

-Why we follow authentic people on social media: shout out to Kevin Tumlinson and Kirsten Oliphant

Links: click ’em, they’re live

Click here to see the report from Convince & Convert (the link to the report is at the bottom of this blog post)

Click here to get a copy of the revised version of The Author’s Guide To Sell More Books With Less Marketing

Click here to listen to episode 110 on word of mouth marketing