Episode 109 – How to copy another author’s promotion and make it work for you

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In this episode Chris teaches authors how to scale (or copy) the promotion of another author and have success.


Show Notes & Links:

-The three cardinal rules of book promotion—rules you can’t violate:

  1. Always consider value over cost.
  2. If you copy another author you may not get the same results, so start with scale
  3. You can have good success with free promotions but sometimes you’ll have to spend money to make money.

-Don’t waste your time with promotions that don’t return.

-Why you need a goal for every promotion you run.

-Why new authors probably shouldn’t be buying ads.

-Why every author needs to get good at running organic, non-paid marketing promotions.

-How to copy a promotion that another author does and make it work for you.

-What is the biggest mistake new authors make with promotions?

-How to find out if a particular promotion will work for you?

-Why you need to go into every promotion able to lose all the money you’re spending and not get a return.

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