Episode 108 – Getting Comfortable With the New Marketing

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In this episode of the podcast, the discussion continues about new marketing and where we need to be going in 2019 to optimize book sales and business growth (yes, author–you are a business owner). Chris also shares where the podcast is going in 2019 and changes listeners can expect as the show expands it content.


Links & Show Notes:

The biggest mistake we’ve made in marketing is ignoring the emotional connection that readers have to our stories.”

-Chris Syme


-What’s coming to the podcast in 2019 and why you’ll want to stay tuned.

-Takeaways from Seth Godin’s new book, This is Marketing.

-Why advertising and marketing are not the same thing.

-Why we need to quit telling people what they should be buying.

-Why ads are no longer a go-to strategy for most authors.

-Why you may want to take a second look at redefining what “write to market” means.


Link to episode 107 – first in the marketing disruption series.

Seth Godin’s new book, This Is Marketing.

David Gaughran’s Strangers to Superfans book.