Episode 104 – The Secrets to Great Book Covers with Joel Friedlander

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In this episode, Chris interviews book cover design expert Joel Friedlander, founder of the The Book Designer. Joel schools us all on the essential design and branding elements needed in a successful book cover and talks about the elephant in the room: how much will it cost?

Show Notes & Links:

-How Joel got into cover design.

-Chris’ monthly must-read: Learn to spot a good cover with Joel’s monthly ebook awards blog feature (see link to the feature below (and maybe submit your cover for a critique).

-Two considerations every great cover needs: create excitement and indicate the genre or category of the book

-There are good options and not-so-good options for covers on a budget.

-Why a cover can make or break the marketing of a book.

-What are some of the good alternatives for covers on a budget?

-What is the difference between template covers and single-sell pre-made covers?

-Why you need to see your cover in a thumbnail before you finalize it.

-Why nonfiction books need accurate sub-titles.

-The one time you don’t need a good book cover.

-Don’t miss Joel’s smarty pants marketing tip!

Links: click ’em, they’re live!

Joel’s monthly ebook Cover Awards feature

Joel’s cover design templates website

Submission form for the monthly ebook awards critique

Joel’s website (check out all his services)