Episode 100: Pop the Cork! A Special Celebration for You

In this podcast Chris and Becca toast the first 100 episodes of the Smarty Pants Book Marketing Podcast by reminiscing about their favorite guests and shows, talking about where the podcast is headed in the next 100 episodes, and celebrating a nod from Digital Book World. The podcast closes with an invitation for listeners to give input about where the next 100 episodes should go. And don’t miss the special announcement at the end of the show notes.

Show Notes & Links:

Nominees for Best Use of Podcasting for Book Marketing Award (Digital Book World annual awards). We recommend you check out the other nominees’ shows here:

The Creative Penn Podcast with Joanna Penn

The Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Marketing Podcast with Lindsay Buroker

Minorities in Publishing with Jenn Baker

Read it Forward (Penguin Random House)

Macmillan Podcasts

Specific Episodes We Mentioned in the Show:

We believe all 100 episodes are smarty pants episodes, but here are just a few of the favorites we mentioned in the show:

Episode 99 – Writing to Be Understood with Anne Janzer (nonfiction)

Episode 92 – How to Take Your Readers From Strangers to Superfans with David Gaughran

Episodes 89-90: Crisis Management For Authors (Chris)

Episode 87: How to Run Successful Book Promotions with Ricci Wolman (Written Word Media)

Episode 85 – Marketing to Teens and Instagram with Kate Tilton

Episode 72 – Where Book Marketing Is Going in 2018 with Kevin Tumlinson (Draft2Digital)

Episode 62 – How to Get Into the Inbox with Tom Tate (AWeber)

Episode 41 – What’s Data Got to Do With Book Sales? with Honoree Corder and Brian Meeks

Episode 37 – How to Build Loyal Readers with Author Roni Loren

Episode 18 – Blogging to Build an Audience with Anne Allen

Episode 15 – Writing Without Bullshit with Josh Bernoff (nonfiction)

Episode 06 – How to Get Your Book Noticed (and dealing with one-star reviews) with Sandra Beckwith


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We’d like to know what you’d like to see in the next 100 podcasts. Or maybe share with us some highlights for you personally from the first 100 episodes. Just go to the comments and let ‘er rip! Inquiring minds want to know.