Episode 014: Ad Stacking and Making a Bestseller List

Show Notes:

In this week’s episode, Chris and Becca discuss how to run “spike campaigns” to sell books for goals that aren’t necessarily a book launch with a process called ad stacking.

Using a published case study from thriller author J.F. Penn, the hosts discuss:

  • What is ad stacking and when it works and doesn’t work
  • How to know if a another author’s case study can work for you
  • What goals work best with ad stacking
  • Why an author would want to hit a bestseller list—what are the benefits besides selling books.
  • Why books on Kindle Unlimited (KDP Select) cannot make the USA Today or NY Times bestseller lists.
  • Penn’s top three tips when starting a spike campaign
  • Who should and should not “try this at home.”

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