Episode 012: Book Marketing Expert Stephen Campbell

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In this episode, Chris visits with Stephen Campbell, book marketing strategist and popular podcaster at theauthorbiz.com. Don’t forget to take a look at the show notes to get a preview of their interview along with all the links from the episode.

podcastShow Notes:

In today’s episode:

  • How advances in technology help and hurt indie publishers. Yes, there’s a dark side, but the bright side is more powerful.
  • What marketing skill indie authors need to develop the most.
  • Learn what a “vintage person” is. You might be one.
  • Chris and Stephen discuss the new Universal Book Links (UBL) from Draft2Digital. Is there a downside?
  • Why Stephen thinks that every author may not need advanced business skills.
  • The love/hate relationship authors have with Amazon from a marketing point of view.
  • Stephen’s two smarty pants book marketing tips for all authors.
  • You can find Stephen here:
  • Info on Chris’ two discounted online classes: The Summer Blowout Sale

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