Episode 009: Kristi Dosh and Establishing Nonfiction Expertise

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In this podcast episode nonfiction author Kristi Dosh shares how to take advantage of opportunities to establish your expertise by writing, blogging, speaking, and consistent work. Kristi is author of the bestselling book Saturday Millionaires, on the business of college football.

Episode 009- Kristi DoshShow Notes:

  • The importance of networking and establishing connections through social media
  • The elements of a nonfiction platform and how social media can enhance your network
  • The challenge of researching a book in a subject area where the numbers are constantly changing
  • How a simple free WordPress blog was the beginning of a lucrative career
  • Summer Class Blow Out Sale launches July 28

Show Links:

Kristi’s website: http://www.kristidosh.com/

Follow Kristi on Twitter @sportsbizmiss

Kristi’s original WordPress blog: http://businessofcollegesports.com/author/businessofcollegesports/

Kristi Dosh on Forbes (click here)