Day 27: Get to Know Your Audience Better



This will probably be the most overlooked challenge of the series, but it is probably the most important when it comes to marketing your books. So before you move on, hear me out. Doing more focused and effective audience research in 2017 is going to do more to sell your books than any other piece of your marketing strategy.

Consider the number of books on Amazon: over 100,000 new books uploaded every month. How is your book going to stand out? You’ve heard that question asked a million times, right? Well the answer is not how is your book going to stand out, it’s how do you find the people that want to buy your book? In order to be successful at marketing your books in the future, you need a crystal clear vision of who your audience is, where they find new books in your genre, and how they purchase.

Before you can warm up that email list, you need a list. Building an email list now is a matter of targeting, not just putting a perma free book on your website with a sign-up form and hoping people will find it. To get new readers and get your readers to “buy through” your books you need to know how to find them first.

As recent as a few years ago, our marketing tactics were all about blanketing and reach. Get your book in front of as many people as you can as quickly as you can. Now we know that is a totally ineffective way to sell a large number of books. Today, it’s all about targeting your readers—people who are interested in your book. The easiest way to define your target is to do ongoing research. It takes a little bit of time every week, but it pays off better than any other marketing strategy you use. Think of it. Targeting is necessary in every marketing tactic from blog tours to Facebook ads to email newsletters. It’s where you start. Without it, you are shooting at a target blindfolded.

Doing audience research is not difficult, it just takes time.  I have a free online course you can take on how to do simple audience research that will get you started. See the Resources section below. Get started sooner than later and take your book marketing to the next level in 2017.

Action Steps:
  1. Set aside some marketing time every week to comb through your Facebook Insights and other social media dashboards to find out who your most valuable fans are. Start with basic information about age, gender, location. Then go to your Posts tab and find out who your biggest influencers are: who is commenting, liking, and sharing. Start a list of names you can reach out to for book reviews and help promoting your books.
  2. Take the free class on audience research below if you haven’t started a research routine. It will give you the basics you need to get started.
  1. Get a copy of my newest book, Sell More Books With Less Social Media. It is currently in Kindle Unlimited. There is more in-depth info in the book on audience research and the free online course that goes with the book.
  2. Take my free online class on how to do basic audience research. This was a master class I gave last summer. Access it here.