Day 25 – Monitor Your Social Media Through Notifications


Yesterday I promised you a way to significantly cut down the amount of time you use marketing your books on social media. I know some of you are already there but for those of you who are not, here’s the secret: monitor your social media channels through notifications.

Think about it. What are the monitoring tasks you need to perform on your author Facebook page? You want to see who liked, clicked, commented, and shared so you go through every post individually on your page to make sure you haven’t missed anything. But if you monitor your page using notifications, you’ll see all the exact same information and it will take much less time.

I used to think those numbers on the globe at the top of my Facebook page were a nuisance. Now, they are my virtual assistant. I’ve found that I am more efficient, respond quicker, and see the flow of conversations easier when I monitor my page by clicking on the globe and scrolling through the notifications to see if there is anything I need to address.

In my routine, I am always taking a mental note of likes. I prefer notifications for this because I see a face and not just a name or a number of “others” I have to click on and read. As people’s names and faces appear in my notifications more often, I see a pattern of loyalty developing plus I remember their faces. Over time these frequent likers and commenters can turn into reviewers or influencers.

If there is a comment, I click on the notification and am taken directly to the post. I can either like or reply. I always like comments from fans. Once a week I go in to my notifications and look for shares. I make note of the content and the person who shared. Again, I’m gathering valuable audience research.

I schedule time to monitor my notifications on Facebook and Twitter probably four times a day. Sometimes it takes just 30 seconds—other times it takes a couple minutes. But overall, it is a much better use of my time than scrolling through all the posts on my page.

Action Steps:
  1. Try monitoring your Facebook page through notifications for two days and see how you like it. I know it’s not for everybody, but it can save everybody time.