Day 23: Listen and Do


Are you one of those people that loves to learn? You are constantly on the lookout for new information, better information. It’s in your DNA. There’s a well-known verse in the Bible that goes like this:

“Do not merely listen to the Word, but do what it says.”

It seems the quest for information is an age old practice. And what the writer is telling us is that we must listen and do. Learning something does not come by knowing, it comes by doing.

In 2017, purpose to apply what you learn. I’ve always made it a point, in all my online classes, to include a Learning Lab section in each of the modules. As a former teacher I know how important it is that students be guided through the process of applying what they learn. We learn grammar by diagramming sentences; we learn geometry by doing proofs. In your quest to find out more about how to market your books effectively, always make yourself practice what you learn.

Sometimes we read something and it doesn’t resonate. I’ve bought books I put down after one chapter. Everything we take on won’t be a home run. And that’s okay. Experimentation is also a valuable part of learning. But when you run across something that clicks, make a point to incorporate some aspect of practical application into your routine.

Action Steps:
  1. The next time you read a blog post, a book, or take an online class that hits the spot, make a list of action points or takeaways you can implement into your author business. Calendar in your first action point right away.