Day 22: Consider a Facebook Page Remodel


By now you probably know that I am a big proponent of using a Facebook business page to promote your author business because of the tools Facebook offers to sell your books, collect email addresses, and advertise to targeted audiences. Because of the changes recently made to business pages, it might be time to consider a Facebook page remodel.

Over the last six months Facebook remodeled their business pages to look more like websites. The new layout is visually appealing and user-friendly. I love it. Recently, Facebook rolled out the ability to move specific sections around on your home page—mostly to increase your biggest Discovery assets. What is it you want people to see first when they land on your page?

If you haven’t sat down and looked at the new layout, consider doing it soon. It is organized around a series of tabs, templates, and sections that are fairly easy to move around. The portal to manage your tabs is on the bottom left of your home page under the heading “Manage Tabs.”

In the old Facebook layout with only a limited number of tabs under the cover photo, visitors were only allowed to see two of my custom tabs. Now, tabs are all listed on the left of your page and can be easily re-ordered under the Manage Tabs button.  I like this new layout because I can now move my important info up top. Under the old system we were required to have the About section first. Now all tabs can be laid out as you choose. Notice below how my top four priorities for people to see are at the top: Buy My Books Here (FreeBooksy app), Sign up for Tips (email sign up) and Posts.


Also, if you haven’t posted a new cover photo since the profile picture hole and text titles were removed, you’ll want to make that your first priority.

Is it time to take a look at the layout of your Facebook page?

Action Steps & Resources:
  1. Start with a plan. What do you want visitors to see first on your tabs? Make a priority list. Sell books? Sign-up for email? See your posts? After you’ve made your list, go in and re-order your Tabs.
  2. If you haven’t got the FreeBooksy Amazon sales app on your Facebook page, install it. Here is the link. After you go through the process of installing the app, you will input all your books using the Amazon ISBN numbers and they will automatically populate on the app, including a Buy Now button that will let readers buy the book without leaving Facebook.
  3. Read through this post from Social Media Examiner on the new layout first (all the way through) and then go back to pick out sections you want to concentrate on. This article is very thorough, but also user-friendly.