Day 21: Learn to Warm-Up Your Email Subscribers


Now that you’ve got all those email subscribers, how are you going to keep them engaged? The best technique for getting your subscribers invested from the moment they click that sing-up button is to turn them from strangers into friends. And in marketing terms, we do that by “warming them up” with a welcome campaign.

A welcome campaign, or follow-up sequence, is a series of three to seven emails you send out to your new subscribers right after they sign up for your list that is sent on an automated schedule. The length of the sequence and the content of the emails will depend on the premise of the sign up.

In that welcome sequence I recommend using at least half of your emails to ask for feedback. This is where the magic happens. You can ask poll questions or personal questions (who is your favorite author), but make them a win-win. In other words, make the information you ask relevant and valuable to you both. Your ultimate goal here is to get to know your subscribers better, to do audience research. Above all, make the emails sound conversational. You are talking to fans one-on-one.

Email marketing is morphing into a two-way communication channel. Opening that door to let people in is a huge step in building loyalty and it takes some preparation. Make sure you are ready to receive as well as give—start with a plan.

Action Steps:
  1. Start with a plan. Make sure you know exactly what your goal is with your welcome sequence and space the emails out at least a week apart unless you are offering a free class via email follow-ups (this is also becoming very popular) and want to drip them out every other day.
  2. Expect about a 20 percent feedback ratio to begin with. It may be higher or lower depending on the initial buy-in level of the subscribers. Not everybody will answer your request for information so don’t be discouraged.
  1. I have a free email course on Teachable (60 minute video) on email marketing that will help you with the basics. Click here to set up your free account on Teachable and enroll in the short master class.
  2. Here is a link to a helpful article from AWeber that outlines the welcome sequence and emails that would support various goals.