Day 20: Set Aside a Day of Rest Every Week


When I was an athlete in college part of our daily workout regime was weight training. The purpose of weight training was to put muscles under stress just at the right weight and repetition to develop increased strength. And in order for muscles to adjust to that new weight level, stress needs to be followed by rest.

That same physiology applies to anything we do that involves prolonged periods of work. The body is wired to strengthen with recovery. I know that sounds odd but that is the way our body gets stronger: the cycle of calculated stress and rest. This formula does not just apply to physical work, it applies to the taxing process of sitting at the computer writing as well. That activity stresses our body and our mind—something we need to recover from.

I realize there are periods during a book production that require constant work, either due to deadlines or last minute tasks that need doing. But in general, if you are working multiple hours seven days a week, you are going to burn out—physically and mentally.

In 2017 think about blocking off one day a week where you physically and mentally take a break from work. Yes, stuff happens and things come up but you need to guard that time off like a bulldog for your own sake: physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Action Steps:
  1. Think about your week. Is there a day you are purposefully pulling away from work? If not, think about starting with one day where you do not sit down at your desk all day.
  2. Make a list of relaxing activities you can do on your day off. Maybe this is your day to read, to touch base with friends and family, to get out of the house and move around or socialize.
  1. Read The Necessity of Mental Downtime from the Scientific American.
  2. Here is an interesting article from CNN on having a “stop day.”
  3. Claim your day of rest to improve productivity from Life Hack.

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