Day 19: Every Book Starts With The Right Goal


The end game of business operations from a Fortune 100 company to a solo entrepreneur is to generate income from assets. As an author, that means you create assets or products (books) that are designed to produce income for your author business. You start with an idea and move to production and then on to marketing. Every book goes through this process. But how you get your books from point A to point Z depends on your goal. Every successful book starts with the right  goal.

One of the biggest challenges for authors is to think like a business person. The creative side of writing often clashes with the left brain process of data, numbers, and strategies. Often that’s because we don’t start with a goal that defines the whole process of getting a book to market.

Fiction writers are probably guiltier of this than nonfiction writers, but the need to start with a business-oriented goal for all your books is critical. If your only goal is just to write the book then you are only geared up for half of the process. Marketing becomes an albatross. But I have noticed that when self-published authors embrace the business side of being an author with the same zeal as the actual writing of the book, their income starts to move upward.

In 2017, think about starting every book you write with a goal that includes the marketing side of your book as well as the writing side. If you want your author business to take off, embrace the marketing side of self-publishing and become proficient at getting your book out to the people that want to read it.

Action Steps:
  1. Think about the next book you’re going to write. Take some time to sit down and think through your goals for that book. What is the Amazon ranking of your last book? Why not have a goal to get your next book to the next higher tier? Think of including your end game.
  2. When plotting your calendar for book production in 2017, be sure and include your marketing process in the timeline. Allow time for planning, your pre-launch strategies, your launch, and your post launch activities. Start looking at your book production in terms of the total process.
  1. To fully grasp the idea of producing a book from inception of idea through the marketing process, consider reading one of these books in early 2017:
    1. Nonfiction: You Must Write A Book by Honoree Corder
    2. Fiction: Business for Authors by Joanna Penn