Setting Reachable Goals For Successful Facebook Ads

If an ad doesn’t flow from a goal, you really have no idea if a Facebook ad is actually your best option. I would say the majority of people try to use Facebook ads to sell something. True, you can sell from Facebook ads, but the bottom line is that all types of sales do not perform equally on Facebook ads. A goal is proven by your call-to-action. A person who sees your ad must perceive personal value in order to click. Do people click, like, buy, fill out a form, or enroll in your class? In order to get people to buy my books, I have to craft an offer that has a benefit for taking action now. Let’s see what that might look like and how we can use the ad culture on Facebook to match the right goal to an ad campaign.

I Got Followed By LeBron James Today…Not

In my new followers today was an interesting entry: LeBron James. It’s interesting that this happened as I used this particular Twitter account in an article a few months back about how to spot scammers. This Twitter account is purporting to be a part of King James’ empire. Since I wrote my original post, the account has been labeled as a parody account–no doubt after Twitter lowered the hammer. But the interesting thing is that they still have over three million followers. But now they have been forced to identify the account as a marketing ploy attached to a gmail address.

Why You Need a Twitter Account But Don’t Need to Tweet

Authors need to be on Twitter. I agree. But authors don’t need to tweet. WHAT, you say? Just hear me out. I do not believe that all authors needs to tweet. As a matter of fact, unless you are a nonfiction author, I don’t think you ever need to tweet. But if you love the channel and enjoy the real-time adrenaline rush, then go for it. But Twitter’s biggest value for authors is not tweeting, it’s research.

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