Offline Strategies For Building Your Email List

Building a large email list requires multiple strategies, one of which is taking advantage of offline opportunities. We concentrate so much on gathering email addresses online that we forget there are a number of good opportunities to grab them offline as well. If you’re an author serious about building your email list, you’ll want to be taking advantage of all avenues. Here are some quick offline strategies you can use.

Why Authors Need A Personal Profile And A Facebook Business Page

There is no social media platform more befuddling than Facebook. There is also no other social media channel with the kind of popularity Facebook enjoys: 71% of online adults are active there. The next most popular channel has less than 30%. With the sweetest demographic range of all the social media channels as well as the best set of tools for selling in-channel, Facebook is a no-brainer for authors who want to use social media as a marketing tool.

5 Tips To Keep Bullying At Bay In Your Blog Comments

Bullying is so ingrained in our culture today that we don’t even notice it anymore. And one of the places they flourish is in your blog comments. If you allow comments on your blog, you may want to consider discouraging a culture of bullying. There is nothing that will stifle a discussion faster than a mouthy know-it-all who can’t stand an opposition to their narrow view.

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