Day Two: Get Up Early and Make Your Morning Count

Get up early? I can hear many of you groaning at that title, right? But let me give you a little incentive to at least read through to the end. Did you know that being a morning person has some tangible benefits?

Day One: Start With Your Why

I swam competitively all my growing up years. When I was around 13 we got a new AAU coach who made us spend a lot of time doing drills in the starting blocks. He would always say, “the race is won in the blocks.” He was reminding us that the difference between first and second place can be minuscule in swimming and the best two places to make up that time were in the starting blocks and on your turns.

Join My 30-Day Challenge For a Better 2017

Every year I set aside time in December to look back and look forward. It’s been a ritual of mine for most of my adult life. Some years it was an exercise in frustration but it is always a learning … Read More

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