Day 12: Keep Your Facebook Fans Warm With A Boosted Post

One of the chief purposes of marketing these days is all about keeping your fans and followers warm. A warm audience is a marketing phrase that designates a group that has already opted in to one of your marketing platforms. They have signed up for an email list, liked your Facebook page, or claimed an offer on your website. One of the best ways to keep your Facebook fans warm and engaged is to consider an occasional boosted post.

Day Eleven: Revitalize With A Power Nap

Let’s face it, authors can keep some pretty ridiculous hours. We all know it’s probably not great to stay up until midnight writing and then get up at 5:00 to start the day again. Some days I get up as early as 3:00 AM to start writing or working on an online class. But I’ve also hit the sack at about 7:30PM the night before. Still this schedule can wreak havoc with our brain power and physical energy.

Day Ten: Start Engaging Your Email List

When it comes to book marketing, you have one golden resource at your disposal: your email list. Above social media, above your website, your email list has the power to reach directly into a reader’s Inbox, bypass any social media algorithms, and speak individually with your readers. In 2017, make it your goal to start engaging your email list subscribers in conversations.

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