Day 17: Plan Your Book Launch Around a Goal

Book marketing is evolving all the time. And 2017 will be a year of some pivotal changes. Because of the deluge of books being published and information overload on the internet, 2017 will be a year to hone in on the specific strategies that will bring your books success. And the first and biggest will be planning your book launch around a specific goal.

Day 16: Get Moving!

Authors can be the worst at self-care. Long hours at the computer taxing our brains sometimes give way to nights in front of the television. Self-care is at the bottom of many lists. Eating and exercising are good thoughts, but they fall off our to-do list pretty easily when we’re under stress or have family obligations. The challenge for day 16 – get moving in 2017.

Day 13: Spend Time Everyday With a Friend or Loved One

The day 13 challenge is about deepening your human connections. I’ve been reading the AARP Bulletin for many years. No laughing — I started reading it when I became a caregiver for my elderly parents. It’s now become one of my favorite monthly magazines. This month, the theme was health and one of the articles, “Best Advice From Top Docs,” was a list of collected tips on pursuing good health in the new year.

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