Day 22: Consider a Facebook Page Remodel

By now you probably know that I am a big proponent of using a Facebook business page to promote your author business because of the tools Facebook offers to sell your books, collect email addresses, and advertise to targeted audiences. Because of the changes recently made to business pages, it might be time to consider a Facebook page remodel.

Day 21: Learn to Warm-Up Your Email Subscribers

KEYWORDS: BOOK MARKETING Now that you’ve got all those email subscribers, how are you going to keep them engaged? The best technique for getting your subscribers invested from the moment they click that sing-up button is to turn them from … Read More

Day 20: Set Aside a Day of Rest Every Week

I realize there are periods during a book production that require constant work, either due to deadlines or last minute tasks that need doing. But in general, if you are working multiple hours seven days a week, you are going to burn out—physically and mentally.

Day 19: Every Book Starts With The Right Goal

The end game of business operations from a Fortune 100 company to a solo entrepreneur is to generate income from assets. As an author, that means you create assets or products (books) that are designed to produce income for your author business.

Day 18: Beware of Copycat Marketing

You’ve heard the saying, “don’t reinvent the wheel.” I am all for saving time and learning from what others have done. But when it comes to copying what another author’s book marketing, you need to be sure that promotion is a good fit for you. Copycat marketing is a good way to learn provided you’ve applied a set of filters to that promotion first.

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