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Crisis Management for Authors

Book 4 in the SMART Marketing for Authors series

It can happen to you! In this book, you’ll learn the four-step process for building and protecting a positive online reputation and a thriving author business that can withstand trolls, scams, imposters, scheming rivals, rumors, swarm attacks, and more. You’ll also learn how to come back from a negative event you cause, knowingly or unknowingly. Learn how to protect your most valuable asset: your reputation.






The Authors Guide To Sell More Books With Less Marketing


Book 3 in the SMART Marketing For Authors series
The only book marketing resource you’ll ever need to sell books online and build raving fans.

There are more marketing options out there than you will ever need to sell your books. If you’d like to spend more time writing and less time marketing, this book is for you. This book includes a comprehensive free online course.

  • The only three marketing channels every author needs to sell books.
  • Why Facebook is the only social media option you need.
  • How to find and target your readers online.
  • Why email automation is a must to engage your new subscribers.
  • Why knowing how to sell with best practices returns better than the “splatter method.”

Take advantage of Chris’ 20+ years of marketing experience and bypass all the noise. Free online course is included with the book.


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