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With a Personalized Social Media Audit

The social media audit will take a comprehensive look at your author platform; everything from website to email marketing to social media platform to insure your book marketing is branded, cohesive, and optimized. Our proprietary audit system will produce a multi-step plan that will address changes that need to be made on three levels: Fix Now, Next Steps, and Things to Consider. 

Your personalized report will include the following:

  • Basic overview and Current Effectiveness Rating
  • Channel-by-channel assessment of current social media platform
  • Platform Level assessment
  • Email marketing assessment
  • Assessment of current marketing strategy
  • Prioritized Recommendations: Fix Now, Next Steps, Things to Consider

Custom Designed Plan

The Social Media Audit Includes:

  1. A comprehensive personal marketing survey filled out by the author before the evaluation can begin.
  2. A full electronic report delivered before the in-person consult
  3. A two-hour (maximum) live consult walking you through your audit.
  4. Resources to help you get your social media marketing to the next level including Chris' flagship online course, Mastering Book Marketing for Authors. You will have access to the course for 12 months. 
  5. All your onboarding materials including three master class videos and Chris' recent ebook, Sell More Books With Less Social Media.

Carol Buchanan

Author of The Vigilante Quartet series

“After just a few lessons in Chris' Mastering Social Media Book Marketing For Authors online course, I knew it was already worth it. No other marketing class I’ve ever taken has offered tools to help define where I am as a writer and what I should be concentrating on in platform- building and marketing”

Praise from authors Chris has worked with:

Alison Aimes

Author of Trapped

 "Working with Chris was transformative! As a new author, I've felt for a while now that I was spinning my wheels when it came to marketing and promo-- trying a bunch of things without truly knowing if they were effective-- and then I found Chris and clarity.

I already plan to work with Chris again when I'm ready to advance to the next stage in my writing career."

The comprehensive social media audit costs $1500, payable in two payments. 

Typically, audits take about a month to process from the time the contract is signed to the in-person consultation. Click below to get more information on what a social media audit can do to turbocharge your book marketing!

What Will It Cost?

"I have spent the past year trying to get a handle on the new social media tools and practical advice on how to use them without becoming a slave to them. I felt completely out of it when I signed up for the social media Webinar with Chris. Now I feel like I am in the swim of it. Out of the library and into the stream of the web. Hooray!"

Diane Wolff

Author, Journalist, Blogger

Here's how Chris helped author Diane Wolff:

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