3-Step Test to Choosing the Best Social Media Channels for Sales

When choosing the best social media channels that will help you sell more books and build loyal fans, there are two things you don’t want to do:

  • Use copycat marketing: trying to replicate another author’s success when you don’t know how and why they succeeded.
  • Pick a social media channel to promote your platform “because you like it and it’s fun.”

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Using social media is a total waste of your marketing time unless you have a strategic purpose for being there. And if fun is all you are after, then you will be disappointed if your goal is to sell more books. Marketing is strategic work, like writing. Increase your chances of success by strategically choosing your channels. It will save you time so you can write more, and it will bring you better results.

Would you rather just spin your wheels hoping for some kind of traction or would you rather make choices based on your best possible chance of success?  If you employ this three-step test every time you consider an online promotion or starting up a new social media channel, your chances of hitting the bullseye are much higher.

Step One: Audience

Who are you trying to reach? Do you know where they are and what they are doing there? Take some time to make a list of the basic demographic characteristics of your readers and do some research to find out which social media channels they are on.

Step Two: Consider Channel Behavior/Culture

Each social media channel is like a mini civilization. There are unwritten rules about how people communicate there. Some channels lend themselves to conversations about recommendations and some do not. Each channel has its expected behaviors and people that understand and conform get the best traction there.

Step Three: Does the Channel Have an Established Buying Culture?

Some social media channels have a well-established buying culture. They support a robust ad conversion system and have built in tools for guiding people to a purchase decision. Social media channels that do not have this culture built-in are a waste of time when it comes to selling. You can develop a robust following and sell a few books there, but they don’t hold a candle to the other channels that are built for commerce.

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