Using the Power of Social Media in Crisis to Give an “All Clear”

If you’re a college hoops fan, you might have seen the nasty tumble senior Butler guard Rotnei Clark took head first into a basket standard in their Saturday afternoon game. According to reports, Clark lost momentary feeling in his arms, but gave the crowd a “thumbs up” from his stretcher on the way out of the gym to a local hospital.

Savvy head coach Brad Stevens (@BUCoachStevens), or his appointed social media representative, smartly tweeted out this picture of Clark in a hospital bed with the text: “Need a new jersey, but Gonna be OK! Thx to BU Medical personnel, UD, and MV Hospital.” The time stamp on the tweet was 3:11 PM—I assume my time (Mountain Standard). At any rate, it was quick.


By tweeting out this picture and accompanying message, Stevens reiterates the positive power that social media can have in a crisis to calm the masses. Social media not only has the power to communicate key messages in an emergency to those affected, but it can also sound an “all clear” to people who are left hanging by disconcerting images or information.

Hats off to Butler and Coach Stevens for being quick to use social media in crisis to sound the “all clear.”

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