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I was honored to be a part of the #WeOwnSocial webinar sponsored by the College Sports Information Directors of America and the National Association of College Marketing Administrators with Mark Hodgkin (Big East Conference) and Andy McNamara (University of Oregon). We talked about how to facilitate collaboration in college athletic departments when it comes to social media, and shared some best practices to date.

Towards the end of the webinar a question was asked about resources for learning more about social media tactics, and we didn’t really have time to answer the question thoroughly. I decided to put together a list of blogs, books, and Twitter follows you can tap to learn more about how to use social media effectively. This list is short and sweet, but please add your favorites in the comments. First, a couple tips.

bookreviewpicUse Internet Search: If you need to know how to do something specific, such as how to set up a Pinterest account, both Google Search and YouTube are great resources. Just try searching, “how to _______________”. Another tip, don’t reinvent the wheel. Take a look at what other schools are doing on social media and make it work for you. Search a topic such as “college athletics YouTube channels” and follow the links to see examples. Be sure the entries are current–at least from 2012 or newer.

Higher Learning: If you have professional development funds, I recommend attending the annual online Social Media Examiner’s Success Summit. It’s great because you don’t have to travel and the sessions are archived so you can listen anytime. The internet is full of free webinars, white papers, and e-books on current best social media practices. HubSpot and  Exact Target are good sources. You’ll just have to give up your email address to gain access.

Blogs to Follow: Following are a list of how-to blogs on social media tactics. There are many more. Add your favorites in the comments. I tried to keep the list short for starters.  

 All Twitter – go-to source on Twitter

Content Marketing Institute – tips on content strategies

Convince and Convert –social media general – good stuff

Heidi Cohen – trends and how-to’s in social media – loads of data

Mari Smith (Facebook) – go-to resource on Facebook

Marketing Profs – social media general, emphasis on marketing

Mashable – current news in tech and trends in social media published several times a day

Social Media Examiner – best social media “how-to” blog out there

Sprout Insights (Sprout Social) – good source on latest social media news

College Athletics Social Media Blogs:

Chris Yandle on Tumblr

SmallSchoolSocial (David Petroff blog) (my blog)

Digital Hoops Blast -good college athletics case studies

Fieldhouse Media - social media education

Social ‘N Sport – Jessica Smith (NCAA)

Publiside – Gail Sideman

Helpful Books to Read: Since social media information is always changing, I’m recommending only books on strategy. You’ll get more updated tactical information from blogs.

Brand Advocates by Rob Fugetta – building brand ambassadors through social media strategy

Science of Marketing by Dan Zarrellla – extensive recent research on everything from best posting times to most tweeted words to best blog word lengths – NEW

No Bullshit Social Media by Jason Falls – no nonsense formula for success in social media across all operations

#SocialWorks by Michael Stoner – higher ed case studies you can copy (lots of them) – NEW

The Now Revolution by Jay Baer and Amber Naslund

Real-Time Marketing by David Meerman Scott – how to use social media to take advantage of real-time opportunities

Listen, Engage, Respond by Chris Syme (e-book on Amazon only) using social media to protect reputation, build brand ambassadors, and managing crisis

Recommended Twitter Follows: A special thanks to people you should follow – Dr. Bill Smith (@Doctor_BS), Chris Yandle (@ChrisYandle), and Matt Brady (@brades93) –  for help with this section. All the bloggers listed above have good Twitter feeds. The recommended protocol: set up topical lists as “streams” in Hootsuite or TweetDeck to follow. It makes all the information easier to scan.

@smexaminer – Social Media Examiner – best collection of social media “how-to’s” on the web

@Mashsocialmedia – Mashable

@jasonfalls – former SID, now a big-wig in the social media world

@jaybaer – Convince and Convert CEO

@MariSmith – everything aboutFacebook

Social Media in College Athletics (in addition to those mentioned above)

@cosidanews – probably the best comprehensive for college sports media

@sporttechie – good intersection of sports and tech

@cksyme – my feed on social media tips for sports and higher ed

@FieldhouseMedia – social media education and training tips

@JimmySanderson – Clemson prof teaching sports and social media

@JessWarEagle – NCAA

Twitter Feeds for Trends and Research in Social Media (from @Doctor_BS):






I’ve listed more resources here. Hope this helps, and be sure to add your recommendations in the comments.

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  1. Daniel Robert May 7, 2013 at 10:38 am #

    Thanks for the list of blogs to follow, book to read and about the Twitter Follows. This list will definitely help in learning more about how to use social media effectively.

    Great job done.

    • cksyme May 7, 2013 at 1:54 pm #

      You are welcome, Daniel. And thanks for stopping by.


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