The Media Training Bible: Required Reading for PR and Comms

Being a former teacher, I love Brad Phillips’ new book, The Media Training Bible. It speaks right to my learning style. The book is constructed like a workbook—a manual of sorts—with 101 succinct “lessons” on how to do everything related to media relations from ground rules for working with the media to how to dress for an interview and everything in between.

The lessons are sequential, understandable, and practical. They also have the benefit of Phillips’ deep experience as a corporate-level media trainer and communications specialist. The chapters are short, but don’t let that fool you. They are loaded with examples, exercises, and exegesis. Phillips cites case studies, other expert works, and how-to examples taken from his lengthy archive of real-life stories. There is even a workbook section where readers can learn to craft key messages on worksheets.

The best thing about this book, in my mind, is the progressive skill instruction. Phillips keeps the reader on an understandable path of learning that links each lesson to the next. The short length of each chapter keeps the reader engaged.

Hopefully readers will understand what a value this book is. We don’t get access to this kind of material often—top pros who reveal their secret sauce so the rest of us can learn the skill. This book should be a requirement for communications and PR professionals in every sector. I am especially glad to see the book address crisis communications as part of media training. His hands-on approach to each subject in this book will give readers a bedrock foundation for good media relations.

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