Training | Speaking

CKSyme Media Group offers live training, online training (coming Spring 2014)

Live Training:

  • Practice Safe Social: Training for student-athletes, sports teams, higher ed faculties and staff, school assemblies, and organizations with multiple social media users on how to use social media responsibly. Emphasis on privacy, safety, and building a personal reputation. Click here for more information.
  • Crisis Communications 2.0: Response planning, monitoring, loyalty strategies, and strategic messaging with an emphasis on loyalty strategies and reputation protection. Includes a free risk analysis to determine your specific needs. 
  • Conference Speaking: Chris and Laura are both seasoned conference presenters on a variety of subjects. If you are looking for a speaker for a conference or event, contact

Online Training  From Our Crisis PR Institute (coming in 2014)

  • Crisis Communications 2.0 (see description above in live training): three sessions to teach you the basics of crisis communications. Two online sessions followed by one session of one-on-one risk analysis and coaching. Coming in April 2014.
  • Designing Your Own Practice Safe Social™ Workshop: four sessions to teach you how to put together your own responsible use social media training workshop. Two sessions via webinar and two one-one-one sessions to customize your training to your audience. Coming June 2014.
  • How to Set Up a Social Media Monitoring System For Crisis: four sessions to teach you how to put together your own social media monitoring system for emergencies and crises. Two sessions via webinar and two one-on-one. Coming May 2014.
Email us at  for more information and check out Chris’ speaking experience here: Chris Syme Vitae