Check Out SeatGeek: New Mobile Ticketing App for Events

Today’s guest post is from Daniel Hour, Manager of New Media and Recruiting Services at the University of Washington. Many thanks to Daniel for his review of SeatGeek.

I want to introduce you to what is, in my opinion, the best new mobile ticketing app on the free market. It’s called Seatgeek and as described on their website, “SeatGeek is a one-stop shop for sports, concerts, and theater tickets. We search numerous vendors and present the results simply. All 100% free.” It has an extremely intuitive interface and flows beautifully from screen to screen.

When you first open the Seatgeek app, you’re presented with a very simple, clean interface. You’re only given two choices: Search “Nearby Events” or Search by “performer, event, or venue.” This limitation of choices immediately focuses the user’s attention on finding tickets and prevents any confusion that may come with new apps (which is very common with apps trying to do too much).

image 1


After conducting your search, your results are returned in a clean and organized fashion. If you search for a specific performer, that performer’s next upcoming performance near your current location is also specifically brought to your attention.



But post-event selection is where the app really shines. After choosing the event you’re interested in, the app presents you with a seating chart showing available ticket location from various secondary vendors (eBay, Ticketsnow, StubHub, etc) and a list of available tickets ranked by value.

The beauty is in the fact that they have synced the action of you scrolling through the list with the available ticket “dots” on the seating chart. Meaning as you scroll, you will see the “$$” caption bubble on the seating chart jump from seat to seat. This allows you to quickly gauge all of the available tickets by location and price. Or you can bypass the list entirely and click on the available seats in the seating chart and the list will jump to the coordinating ticket.



And of course, there is the option to narrow your search down further as well.



Because of all these easy to use features, this is definitely my favorite events app on my phone. It’s as simple and fluid as advertised and should be on anyone’s phone that’s an event or app junkie.

I would hope that sometime in the near future, Seatgeek will also be able to include Primary Ticket Sellers such as Ticketmaster in their list of vendors. Many believe that tickets from the official event site are always more expensive but that is simply not the case. Seatgeek seems like a great place to house all ticket offerings for events so that the consumer can really have all of his or her options presented to them in one central location.

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