Practice Safe Social: New for 2013!

As 2013 rolls in, I am reading all the best-of’s, trends-coming, and prediction articles with interest. Which have been your favorites so far?

When I sat down to do project goals for 2013, I used a pretty unscientific process. First, I looked at the biggest PR gaffes and online crises of 2012 and then studied a cross section of the Reputation Institute’s annual reports along with some other research pieces on crisis management. The questions I was aiming to answer were:

  • What are the biggest crisis PR issues organizations face?
  • What can I provide to help organizations be successful in 2013?

One of the answers to these two questions is our newest training module called Practice Safe Social. More brands and individuals are getting in trouble on social media than ever before. Jeremiah Owyang’s social media readiness research showed a big climb in negative online events. Data from Zeno suggested that one-third of CEOs don’t consider social media reputation when making business decisions. It’s clear that the power of social media to trigger negative events and magnify crises is real. Last year’s social media gaffes produced a graveyard of business and personal reputations. Organization leaders, college presidents, athletic directors, business CEOs, and even professional sports teams want to come to grips with the vast amount of people representing their brand in social media.

My agency offers three basic types of services: training, real-time crisis management, and strategic consulting. Practice Safe Social is a new workshop that offers no-nonsense training on how to use social media responsibly. When I sifted all the information from the above two questions, this workshop idea floated to the top. Practice Safe Social is designed to empower people and organizations by training them to use social media responsibly. It’s more than just a matter of privacy settings or warning people not to post anything they wouldn’t want their mother to see. It’s about developing a brand and building advocates for that brand that will be a potent marketing force and also come to your side in the event of a crisis.

Here are just a few of the topics that are included:

-Privacy and security settings 101

-What to say—what not to say – when to speak and when to shut up!

-The difference between personal and brand social media personas, and how to separate the two

-How to apologize online and avoiding the non-apology

-Those tricky subjects: politics, religion, sex, and other taboos

-How to use social media to build loyalty, advocacy, and reputation

-5 must-haves you need to help prevent a social media crisis (organizations)

-Social media triage – who should say what, when (organizations)


Contact us today and let us answer your questions or show you how Practice Safe Social can make social media a positive powerful force instead of a dreaded unknown.  Email today to schedule your free consultation to see if Practice Safe Social is right for you.

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