McNeese State Student-Athletes Reach Out and Thank Fans

Danielle Mayeaux is the Director of Ticketing and Sales at  McNeese State University Athletics. She is also a former student-athlete. When she inherited the job as advisor of the department’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), she wanted to do something different. University SACC groups are composed of representatives from each team and provide a link from the student-athletes to the department.

“I want to engage the student-athletes on a level that makes them see how lucky they really are to be playing a sport in college,” Mayeaux said.  “Also, I started inserting a professional development component during our regular meetings in order to help prepare student-athletes for the ‘real world.’  Professional development is something that I am a big advocate of and hope to inspire others to do the same.”

Her latest project is all about helping the athletes reach out to the people that make their scholarships a reality—the fans.  One thing Mayeaux has right—the fans like to interact, whether virtually or in reality, with the student-athletes.

At a recent SAAC meeting, her professional development piece was called, “The Power of a Thank You.”  During the session, she explained the charm of a handwritten note and how it is one of the easiest ways to get ahead in the business world.  She then gave everyone 20 sheets of paper and asked them to help me tell McNeese State sponsors, friends, and fans thank you.

“I went around and took photos of everyone just to have some fun.   I posted the pictures on social media so that their team members and McNeese students would see what the SAAC committee is all about.  I kept the posts light, informative, fun, and playful,” she said.

She tagged each tweet with a tidbit about the individual athlete. Below are some of the screenshots from Twitter.



AndrewMayeaux plans to send the 300-plus hand written notes out to selected ticket holders, friends, and corporate sponsors of the department. She posted five of the pictures on the SACC Twitter account.

“Every school and all student-athletes should say thanks via a handwritten note at some point,” she said. “Along with this, student-athletes should also be educated on why they are writing these notes. This is the key to it all. The only reason I am working in college athletics is thanks to my college soccer career.”

She also writes about her experiences on a Tumblr blog.

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