Blog Principal Chris Syme Approved for NCAA Speaker Registry announced today that principal Chris Syme has received approval from the NCAA Speaker Registry to present the agency’s latest workshop, Practice Safe Social to NCAA student-athletes.

small 300 X white backgroundPractice Safe Social teaches participants how to use social media responsibly, particularly in the areas of protecting reputation and building advocacy.

“We believe that teaching student-athletes to responsibly build a personal brand on social media is more valuable to the athlete and the university in the long run,” Syme said. “We take the approach that every student-athlete can use social media to build a base of advocates for themselves, and they can do it in a way that protects their reputation and their privacy.”

Syme also said that schools shouldn’t expect athletes to be perfect on social media, but that athletes, coaches, and administrators should have a clear understanding of what the consequences are, personally and for the school, if they use it inappropriately. The training is an intensive that is hands-on, and covers issues from privacy to recommendations on how to build a personal presence on social media channels.

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