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Monitoring Social Media To Prevent A Crisis

Last week I started a series on how to include social media in your crisis communications plans. Part one of the series outlines the five necessary elements every crisis communications plan should include (link) . This week we’ll tackle the first of those five elements: monitoring social media to prevent a crisis. Let’s start  by looking at […]

How To Include Social Media In Your Crisis Communications Plan

Crisis communications plans are not new. They are a staple in most organizations. But judging from my Inbox, many organizations are searching for information on how to include social media contingencies in their plans. Over the next couple weeks, I am going to share a simple, straight-forward plan on how to incorporate social media channels […]

Think Before You Post: Tricky and Taboo Subjects on Social Media

The concept of right and wrong behavior is often fluid for many of today’s teens.  They have grown up in a world where the line of what is acceptable is often moving. It’s no wonder that many of them struggle with what is appropriate to post on social media. Like Bart’s constant trips to the blackboard, […]

How To Increase Your Bottom Line With Social Media Education

There are two basic questions brands usually ask when considering adding a new service to their budget: “will this make us money?” or “will it save us money?” A recent study from Altimeter on the value of social media education revealed that training your personnel to use social media responsibly can do both.