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What people are saying about Listen, Engage, Respond:

“The worst thing a company can do in the social media world is get caught in a crisis without having any preparation or understanding of how consumers are communicating there. Chris Syme’s work here gives even the company that has no social media presence the advice and resources it needs to dive in when it has to and navigate these waters. It also helps those already knee deep in the social media waters learn to swim more confidently. I’m passing this book on to clients. You should read it and pass it on to others, too.

-Jason Falls, author, speaker, founder and editor of Social Media Explorer

“Listen, Engage, Respond” is an excellent resource for anyone who has to prepare crisis plans, manage a crisis in the digital age and/or to simply understand the realities of crisis communication in the digital age. Chris’ analysis and thinking around loyalty and influence models is excellent. A fresh new approach that deserves a thorough read and implementation. I particularly liked the way the e-book is constructed and how she has organized the many excellent resources in each section. I highly recommend the book – read it and apply the principles that are outlined.

-Jane Jordan-Meier, author of The Four Stages of Highly Effective Crisis Management

“It’s not rocket science, but it requires care and attention to deal successfully with socially-driven crises. Online social environments are a virtual terrain, and as with a physical terrain, it pays to make use of a map to plan and prepare for possible difficulties on your journey. In a quick read, Chris provides a rich and detailed map with travel instructions that will work for you. Take Chris’ advice or pay the consequences and wish you’d read this very clear and succinct book.”

-Cliff Figallo, Social Media Today Editor

If your organization is doing work that matters, it is almost inevitable that at some point it will experience a crisis. In this era of social media, a crisis can blow up quickly. At the same time, social media allows for a crisis to be dealt swiftly and effectively. Chris brings this home in her e-book, “Listen, Engage, Respond. Crisis Communications in Real-Time.” In a way that is applicable for any organization, Chris addresses the importance of planning for a crisis now . With her unique expertise and insight, she lays out the proper strategies to effectively engage a crisis online. This topic is something the best organizations are addressing. Today. Utilize this resource Chris has put together. When the day comes, those invested in the success of your organization will thank you

-Kevin DeShazo, Fieldhouse Media

” Chris Syme offers smart ideas for laying a foundation for a powerful communications program–and preparing for the worst. A must-read for today’s communicators. ”

- Michael Stoner, President, mStoner and EDUniverse

“In an era of empowered consumers and global digital networks, it’s increasingly inexcusable for organizations not to have a plan for crisis communications in place. But in an age of doing less with more, where can you turn for guidance about positioning yourself efficiently and effectively for crisis response in a rapidly evolving digital space? Chris Syme’s “Listen, Engage, Respond” is the answer. Here, you’ll find a lucid outline of how best to prepare yourself for the worst. Syme walks readers through brand monitoring, community engagement, and crisis response with practical advice and concrete examples.  She supplements her steps for action with links to highly relevant research and other resources for those seeking additional information. A valuable resource for PR novices and veterans alike.”

-Andrew Gossen, Sr. Director of Social Media Strategy, Alumni Affairs and Development, Cornell University

If you work at a school and are responsible for creating, distributing, or monitoring communications during a crisis you need to read this eBook! Social media has changed the way we communicate and interact with one another and a failure to pay attention to this communication channel could be costly. Chris Syme does a wonderful job of mixing theoretical information and practical tips to help you ‘listen, engage, and respond’ during a crisis. After completing this eBook there are a number of tips that I plan to implement in my social media routine for my school and I highly recommend that you do as well. Thank you Chris for putting this great resource together!

-Brendan Schneider, Director of Admission & Financial Aid, Sewickley Academy, K-12 blogger at