How to sell more books and build raving fans with the latest advanced book marketing strategies. Taught by award-winning marketer Chris Syme.

Mastering Book Marketing For Authors & Assistants 2.0

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Meet Chris Syme,

Master Teacher

Why This Class?

  • Authors often tell me their number one challenge is marketing their books. Successful completion of this class will position you as a preferred author assistant with the skills and know-how to help authors spend more time writing and less time marketing their books.
  • The skills you'll learn in this course will make you a marketer and help build your business. 
  • Assistants: this course will be a calling card for you. Author assistants that really understand how to market books successfully are in demand. 
  • Authors: You can market your own books but you have to focus on what works and stop being distracted by every new tool that comes along. 

What You'll Learn In This Class...

  • The Foundations of Marketing 101 - First things first. Learn the best practices of marketing and how being a real marketer increases the success of your books.
  • How to Build an Author Platform - Learn how an author's platform level dictates appropriate marketing strategies and how to match an author's level to strategies that work for resources, budget, and audience. 
  • How to Sell More Books With Less Social Media. Learn how to identify a primary social media channel for engagement and selling, and build outposts on the rest of the channels that fit your audience.
  • How to Create Content and Images That Build a Raving Fan Base. Using Chris' Content Bucket System and your Social Media Success Checklist, you'll learn how to engage deeper with readers on their primary channels.
  •  How to Run Successful Book Launches and Short-Term Campaigns. Design campaigns that will reach a goal whether long-term book sales, making a bestseller list, building follower numbers on social media or launching a new book.
  • How to Manage and Build Fan Groups and Review Teams. 'Nuff said. 
  • Facebook Ad Basics. It's all about audience, targeting, and cost-per-click.
  • Advanced Email Marketing. Email isn't about newsletters anymore--it's about lead magnets and engaging with follow-up sequences.

If you prefer to do your own book marketing, this class will give you everything you need. You'll learn to sell more books strategically by maximizing your time, resources, skills, and budget so you can spend less time marketing and more time writing.

Who Should Take This Class?

Experienced Author Assistants...

Beginning Author Assistants...

If you're just starting out as an author assistant, this class will set your skills apart from other assistants. When you add marketing to your list of basic services, you'll be able  to command higher fees and be in demand.

Authors Who Want to Market Their Own Books...

Even if you already have a full client list you'll be able to give your clients more options for services at a higher fee rate. Being a successful marketer will add another layer of expertise to your business.

"Chris' Book Marketing For Authors class has been fantastic for my business. This course doesn't tell you what to do, it tells you how to create a plan that is calibrated just for you."

-Krystal Shannan, USA Today bestselling author

Hear From Authors

Who Have Taken the Course...

After taking Chris' course, I wanted to make sure my new assistant takes the course as well. It will be such a relief to have a trained assistant to help me execute Chris’s blueprint-for-success. I will have less stress and more time to do what I love: write!"

-Sandy Williams, author

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What You'll Get In The Course...

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