5 Lessons From Good Tweets

Last week we took a look at five lessons from bad tweets, but there are valuable lessons to be learned from good examples as well. Even though the examples are from the sports world, the lessons are universal, so let’s dig in. Here are five lessons from good tweets.

1.  Stay classy, even when the news is bad. Top high school football recruit Brandon Harris picked a classy way to announce he was not going to choose Texas A & M. Bad news doesn’t always have to appear in bad form. Turn the negative into a positive that builds your reputation. It’s harder for critics to answer this kind of a message.



2.  Be thankful (in public). When Nate Robinson was traded from the Chicago Bulls to the Denver Nuggets, he took to Twitter to thank the Chicago fans and welcome the Denver fans with open arms.



3.  Share the wealth. Pass on the tweets of others that motivate you. Antonio Biglow, a men’s basketball player from Montana State University, passes on motivating thoughts as part of his Twitter routine.



4.  Pull back the curtain. Give your fans an insider’s look. Football coach Jason McEndoo tweets out news in real-time to keep the fans engaged in the Montana State University football program. Having a smart phone on hand helps you catch moments that your fans would love to see–very share-able. The simplest things make fans feel special.

McEndoo tweet page 51


5.  Pay it forward—be generous.  Vanderbilt assistant football coach Herb Hand is a frequent tweeter and has built a positive reputation for both himself and the Vanderbilt program with generous tweets.


The double whammy: tweet with a food picture. Mississippi State AD Scott Stricklin is a constant tweeter of other peoples’ successes, including his school and community.  And he creatively uses his hashtags. Here, a tweet giving a shout-out to a local restaurant owner #HailTyler is a play on the MSU main hashtag, #HailState.



Social media is an opportunity to build a reputation. How are you building yours? Start with these five lessons from good tweets.

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